TFX4 เอฟเฟกสำหรับตัวอักษร

เอฟเฟกสำหรับตัวอักษร สำหรับใช้ในโปรแกรมโฟโต้ช๊อป


    TEXTEFFECT SET4 เอฟเฟกสำหรับตัวอักษร new set, cooler than before
    Add luxury with a metallic effect.
    including plain and gradation effects
    that is a beautiful color mix, perfect, ready to use
    Let me tell you that I do it until my eyes hurt. It’s definitely good to use.

    TEXTEFFECT SET4 : Text effect Layer Styles for Adobe Photoshop
    300+ One-click Text effect Layer Styles for Adobe Photoshop
    If you’re an artist or creator who physical products and/or designs branding, advertising and marketing materials for clients, you’re already familiar with the Metal effect
    you’ll save valuable time and make many times your investment back with the ability to effortlessly cover your text, ornamentation, framing and other details with any color of metallic style in just a few mouse clicks. It doesn’t get any easier than layer styles,easy to edit
    ONLY compatible with Adobe PHOTOSHOP! Also includes tons of bonuses! Read the entire listing description for more info.
    that can be pressed to use at all. just one click